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Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling Limited Edition


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The Limited Edition includes:

  • Official Hardcover Art Book
  • Audio Drama Set
  • Postcard Set with Display Booklet
  • Steel Game Case
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Collector's Box
  • Exclusive Trading Card

Parasite 7: A Portrait on Love Hardcover Art Book

Get all the latest gossip on the Parasite 7 with this hardcover art book! Featuring 7 spicy short stories with all your favorite Los York residents!

Size: 6.3" x 8.1"
Pages: 75

Los York Confessionals Audio Drama Set

Need another taste of the Parasite 7? With Los York Confessionals, you'll enjoy two audio dramas to satiate your sweet tooth.

* Features two audio dramas!
* Audio dramas presented in original Japanese language. Includes exclusive link to the official English translation PDF!

Disc 1 - Vlog: A Day of Parasite 6+α
Disc 2 - Last Night Being Single ★ Bachelor Party!

Postcard Set With Display Booklet

Throughout your time having fun with your favorite guys, you made sure to take lots of photos and send yourself some postcards to savor all the memories! This set includes 7 postcards and a hardcover, accordion-style display booklet!

Postcard Size: 4" x 6"

Steel Game Case

Keep your game safe with this minty fresh steel game case!

Size: 6.7" x 4.14" x 0.40"

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Flip the cover to see all the Parasites in their fanciest suits for that very special day!

Collector's Box

Like the sweetest box of chocolate you've ever received, this beautiful collector's box will house your Limited Edition in style.

Size: 7.1" x 8.7" x 2.3"

Trading Card

Included with Standard or Limited Edition

Size: 3.5" x 2.5"


While working for a major marriage agency named Cupid Corporation, Cupid the goddess of love herself, strived to become the top bridal advisor. She was assigned five hopeless clients known as the Parasite 5!

Even after guiding them through mock dates, matchmaking seminars, and the reality show "Parasite House," all five abruptly canceled their memberships!

Yet their departures brought all their personal challenges to the surface. As she confronted these issues with them, they overcame many unexpected obstacles...

And she fell in love with "him."

This is the continued love story of the goddess of love, Cupid, experiencing love firsthand. It's the tale of when she becomes a goddess "only" for him.

Marriage wasn't the end goal, but the start of a new chapter. Whether they began dating or got married, the only thing awaiting them is a series of unexpected challenges!

A mysterious new creature has appeared in Los York! Could it be a divine message or evidence of an unknown civilization?

A love story so sweet, it'll make your heart melt! The whirlwind of feelings taking the world by storm is far from over!

An endearing, joyful, and chaotic tale that's richer and more exhilarating than ever! This romance featuring a former goddess is so sweet and spicy, it'll make your teeth ache and set your soul ablaze!

And in Merenice Levin's route, her days as Cupid are far from over! A romantic and comedic story in the world of matchmaking is set to unfold!

Key Features

Sweeter, Spicier! – Return to Los York with the original cast of Cupid Parasite, plus an all new-character Merenice Levin. Rendezvous with seven of the sweetest and spiciest bachelors in up to 3 game modes and unlock over 80 CGs, including some that may be too hot to handle!

All Different Flavors to Choose From – Pick from three different modes that can satiate anyone with a sweet tooth. Select “After Drama” mode to follow-up with the original Parasite 6 and pick up from where you last left off. Go with “New Parasite” mode for a chance to experience Merenice Levin's perspective of the events that take place after the common route of Cupid Parasite. You can also explore routes you unlocked in “Bonus Episode” mode for six bonus episodes with their own unlockable CGs!

In Sweetness and In Spiciness?! – You must choose the flavor of the next course. Will you go with the sweet? Or will you go with the spicy? When prompted with the choice during gameplay, select between sweet or spicy to impact the ending of your selected route. Manage to balance the flavors for a chance at something really appetizing.

Rich, Decadent Visuals and Savory Scenarios – The original scenario writer and illustrator of Cupid Parasite return! Ririka Yoshimura (scenario writer) and Yuuya (illustrator) join forces once again to bring fans a delectable addition to the Cupid Parasite universe.