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Battlefield Waltz Limited Edition

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* Release date: 2025
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About the Game
A girl loses everything, all in one day. Her village, and even worse—her father...

In their place, she acquires a new power.
When she takes up a sword to protect herself and her loved ones, she discovers that it is "cursed" and holds immense power.

Having obtained something that could shake the very foundations of the nation, the girl has no choice but to live on the battlefield.

The ultra-nationalistic military academy, Nirvana, becomes her new home. There, young men and women who excel in combat gather to compete and sharpen their skills, regardless of their background.

She meets new people, forges strong bonds, and finds what she thought she'd lost: a place to belong.

This is the story of the girl and the talking cursed sword by her side.

Key Features
Love blooms on the battlefield on the go! – Previously released in Japan on PS Vita in 2014, Western fans can finally experience this hidden otome gem and witness Lan's journey as the Maiden of the Cursed Sword on the Nintendo Switch.

Explore New Frontiers and Nirvana! – With Map Exploration, players can freely explore two maps: the Royal Capital Frontier and the Nirvana School, where Lan can interact with characters. Learn information about characters only available during Map Exploration.

Chronicles of the Maiden of the Cursed Sword – Chronicle mode helps you keep track of your current route, note missing paths, backtrack to find all the endings, or just replay your favorite scenes! In Chronicle mode, you can select previously played scenes to start the game from any point you've played through in your current route!

Ancient Memories shine like a gem! – After meeting certain in-game conditions, you gain access to Ancient Memories, which displays a book encrusted with gems that light up with each good ending achieved. Unlock all the good endings to experience the ancient memories hidden in the magic sword!